Q. Can I register several drivers at one time?
A. No. Each registration is for single use only.

Q. What name should I enter in the registrant name field?
A. User must be the trainee, the driver that is required to complete the training.

Q. How do I register in Spanish?
A. Click “Versión Español” and remain on Spanish version page to complete your registration.  Do not go to English version.

Q. Can I register in English and view the modules in Spanish?
A. No. You must register in Spanish version in order to view the modules in Spanish.

Q. What if I do not have a pre-paid code?
A. Go to the designated program and click “first-time user” then proceed to click “check-out” to begin your registration.

Q. Will my pre-paid code expire?
A. No. Your assigned codes provide complimentary access to register.

Q. I entered my code but the system asks for a credit card payment?
A. Never provide your credit card on this site. You must go to the correct training program first; then enter assigned code in the designated box above checkout button. Type code, do not copy and paste. Code is case sensitive. If code requests credit card payment, contact CTAA training department immediately.

QI made credit card payment, can I get a refund?
A. No. If user received assigned code(s) through a third-party or one or more modules have been completed.
For all other inquires, contact the training department ​via email for additional information.

Q. Can I use my pre-paid code on the course login page?
A. No. You must use the password assigned to you from the registration complete page.  You can also find your password in your confirmation email.

Q. How do I retrieve my CTAA member number?
A. Contact CTAA training department directly at training@ctaa.org .

Q. How can I become a CTAA member?
A. Go to the membership page at www.ctaa.org/membership.  Or contact Caryn Souza, CTAA membership director at 202.294.6527 or via email at souza@ctaa.org .

Q. What if I am having trouble viewing the presentation?
A. The presentation may or may not display on Iphones, Ipads, tablets, or other portable devices; we recommend user to use a computer (desktop or laptop).  Go to troubleshooting page for additional assistance.

Q. I forgot my password, how can I get my password?
A. Email or call the training department. 

Q. The driver name is misspelled; can I make a correction?
A. Yes.  Email to CTAA training department. Must provide the misspelled name, the password and the driver correct spelling. 

Q. Can I process a complete name change after the training is completed?
A. If three or more modules are completed, CTAA does not honor name change.

Q. How can I get a copy of my PASS Basic online?
A. Email your request to the training department the driver full name, agency, city and state.

Q. I completed PASS basic program (or PASS basic recertification), am I fully certified as a driver?
A. No. In order to receive full PASS driver certification, driver will still need a certified PASS trainer to administer the wheelchair securement (hands-on) training.  Driver must contact their agency directly to schedule training.  CTAA can provide a list of trainers if one is not available. 

Q. Where can I purchase wheelchair securement (hands-on) training materials?
A. Go to www.ctaa.org/training.  Click “Order Materials” then scroll to Option 2 and click “order your driver certification for hands-on training”.

Q. Can an agency receive a list of drivers registered under my agency name?
A. Yes. Email your request with agency name (plus acronym), city and state to the training department.

Q. My agency does not want the online option.  Does CTAA offer PASS basic classroom training?
A. Yes.  Contact training department directly for details and applicable fees. 

Q. Do I need to re-certify my current certification status?
A. Yes.  At the end of your three-year period, you will need to register and recertify at least 60 days prior to your deadline date.

Q. What if I missed the deadline date to re-certify my certification?
A. If you have passed the deadline date, you will be in jeopardy of losing your current certification status.  You will need to contact CTAA training department immediately.

Q. Can I recertify my trainer certification on the driver training website?
A. If you wish to continue the PASS Trainer certification, you must follow the recertification procedures as a trainer. Go to www.ctaa.org/recertification to view requirements.

Q. What is the best way to contact CTAA if I have questions or need technical support?
A. Email the training department at training@ctaa.org or call 800-891-0590 x740 ask for Stephanee Smith.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm(EST).