The Community Transportation Association is a national nonprofit membership organization representing public and private transportation providers and is a recognized leader in the field of transit education, training and information

The PASS basic program consists of 6 modules and includes comprehensive training on the assistance that drivers should be providing to passengers with special needs. It is based on CTAA’s Passenger Service and Safety (PASS) driver and trainer certification program that has successfully trained and certified over 45,000 drivers and instructors. It is regarded as an industry standard and we are proud to offer PASS training in an online format. For more information on the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and to purchase training materials, go to

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Online Courses

Passenger Service and Safety (PASS) Training Program

Subject areas include:

• Customer Service, Communication and Stress Management
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Service Animals
• Disability Awareness: Assisting the Visually Impaired; Hidden Disabilities; Stroke; Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders
• Bloodborne Pathogens (Hepatitis A, B, C; HIV, Dialysis)
• Wheelchairs
• Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
• Driver / Passenger Sexual Improprieties


As you know, products of every kind have a life cycle eventually reach the end of that cycle due to technology innovation, new product developments, new security requirements and improved software. Our program has been redirected to a new site, so we must transition our users to the new platform. 

First-Time Users:  All first-time users for all 3 programs will be redirected to new website  If you received a code prior to October 22nd, that has not been registered, please email the code so that may verify access.  We will gladly provide replacement code(s) complimentary if the code has not been registered.  You must email the code to   

Returning Users:  If the trainee received an auto-generated password from this website prior to October 21st, proceed as a returning user to complete the training or print his/her certificate.  NOTE: All drivers with a password on the website must complete the pass program by December 31, 2018. We ask that you please encourage drivers to complete the program prior to the end date. 



$25.00 for CTAA members
$50.00 for Non-Members

For new drivers.

PASS BASIC Recertification Program

$25.00 for all students

Must hold current three year (PASS) certification for PASS Basic. Recertification Only

PASS Full Driver Recertification Program

$35.00 for all students

Must hold current three year (PASS) Driver certification in standard two-day classroom PASS training or PASS basic plus Hands-On Training (wheelchair securement). Recertification Only

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